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Starlite Ballroom, owned by Rauno and Kristiina Ilo, is the largest independent dance school in Indianapolis.

We teach ballroom dancing to everyone from complete beginners to high level competitors. All age-groups are welcome.

You don’t have to have a partner to take private or group lessons.

No contracts. Nothing to sign. Pay at the end of each lesson. Take lessons every day or once a week. It’s completely up to you.

All private and group lessons are 45 minutes, except for specials, which are 30 minutes.

We welcome any teacher to teach lessons at Starlite. You remain independent and pay a floor fee for each lesson taught.

We also welcome anyone to practice at Starlite. You don’t have to be a student at Starlite in order to practice. Floor fees for practice are the same as for teaching.

Teachers currently teaching at Starlite include: Rauno Ilo, Kristiina Ilo, Kathleen Ilo, Ron Fields, Scott Shook, Yulia Shook, Dean Oldham and Monica Lung.

If you would like to rent floor space at Starlite for teaching or practice, please contact Rauno or Kristiina at (317) 430-5029.

Directions For Finding Us

From the South West:

  • Take I-465 North West to the 56th Street Exit.
  • Take 56th Street Right/East to Guion Road.
  • Turn Left/North on Guion Road (stoplight; Village Pantry NE corner)
  • Starlite is one block North of 56th Street
  • Starlite is on the left side.5720 Guion Road.

From the North West:

  • Take I-465 to 71st Street Exit
  • Go east on 71st towards town.
  • Go to Light at 71st Street and Guion Road.
  • Turn right/south on Guion Road.
  • Starlite is on the right side.5720 Guion Road.
  • From the South and South East:
  • Take I-65 Northwest to 38th Street exit.
  • You are going west on 38th Street.
  • Watch for FIRST overpass.
  • Skip the Kessler ramp immediately after the FIRST overpass.
  • Exit right onto Guion Road.
  • First there is a long winding off ramp. Be patient.
  • When you reach the T-Intersection turn right.
  • You are now on Guion Road proper going North.
  • Guion will wind a bit. Be patient.
  • You will cross a RailRoad track.
  • Please obey the stop sign
  • and observe appropriate grade crossing safety.
  • Turn right onto Guion North from railroad crossing.
  • Go thru stoplight at 56th St. (Village Pantry on NE corner)
  • Cross bridge. Starlite is on left side. 5720 Guion Road.
  • To return: Go S. on Guion Rd. Continue S to pass under 38th St. Guion Rd will curve to E. You will meet a Stop sign. Turn Left to meet another stop sign at which point you will be at 38th St. Turn right to proceed eastward on 38th St. Cautiously get into far left lane which will lead to entry to I65 going S.

From the North and North East:

  • Take I-465 to the Meridian Street, (US 31), Exit.
  • Take Meridian Street, (US-31), South into town to Kessler Blvd.
  • Turn Right/West on to Kessler Blvd.
  • Eventually You will pass Washington Cemetary on your right
  • When you run out of cemetary you will reach a stoplight and an intersection; you are entering the intersection on Kessler Blvd.
  • Cooper Road is on your right.The south branch of Kessler is to the left. Straight ahead, is 56th Street.
  • Continue straight on 56th Street. Do not Turn at this intersection!
  • Turn Right/North on Guion Road. (Stoplight;Village Pantry NE corner) Starlite is one block North of 56th Street
  • Starlite is on the left side. 5720 Guion Road.
Couple Dancing

Rauno & Kristiina Ilo